Friday, May 25, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 237

Hello friends!
This week was a little different than most in that not too much sewing was done. Here's how it went:

I got my new address labels printed - which was exciting!

Then I finished stuffing all those Owl Mamas!

Then moved on to some Littles!

Then, unfortunately on Tuesday, my dad, who we just not too long ago found out was having kidney problems, had to start emergency dialysis which he'll have to do three days a week from here on out. Since he'll be on his own for a week and I'll be staying with him, I've had to cancel participating in Mayfair in Westdale, the show I mentioned last week. This also means I'll also be "out of the workshop" next week. Sometimes work has to take a backseat so this week and next will be a little slower on the Needlings front.
I think perhaps I will bring some sewing with me next week so I can entertain myself while my dad watches CNN for hours and hours (how can he watch the same news stories over and over?). Luckily those little faces all cut and ready to be sewn travel really well!
I hope everyone has a nice weekend and week! I'll be back with another update once things get a little bit more back to normal. Hug your dads for me!

Thank you for reading!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 236

Another week over and another recap post here! I'm only almost a day late with it so hopefully you will forgive me.

This week has been about owls and some design work. It's getting close to that time where I need to make a big business card/tag order which means it's time for a little redesign! I like to fancy myself a graphic designer for Needlings sake and change things around a little whenever I get the chance.

(Front) (Back)

I think this is the final edit! (And they will be printed with rounded corners, of course.)

Another reprint and redesign for our address labels and new print stuffs were all taken care of.  It's amazing how long it takes to decide on something so simple. I have all the respect in the world for graphic designers!

So back to sewing for me.

Almost all finished and stuffed! This big batch of Owl Mamas will be on my table at Mayfair, a fun event in Westdale at the Aviary put on by Westdale Children's School, next Saturday.  Lots more to take care of this coming week but a full table should be managed with lots of other Needlings goodies I think.

This is my first Spring event for the school but if it's anything like the Merry Berry Market they put on in November with lots of little ones running around playing music then it should be great fun. And of course my mom will be there with me with her knits

So, In the midst of the design and owl work, I snuck in a couple girly little doodles on the Needlings worktable.

The plan is to get a few more of these printed, framed, and up in the shop very shortly.

So that wraps up the week! It has been really beautiful out lately so I'm hoping it holds up for the outdoor Mayfair event on the 26th. And then just in general because I like it. I also like rain though so that will be fine too but on days other than the 26th, thank you very much.

I hope you have a nice week, friends. ♥

Saturday, May 12, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 235

Hi guys!

Another week has passed for Needlings which means lots of sewing and other workroom related activites!  Let's see - last week ended with a craft show so this week begun with sending some goodies off to Nice Things Handmade in Philly!

I boxed them up and sent them on their merry way. According to Canada Post tracking they should have made it there and on the shelves for any Philadelphia folks!

Being that I said goodbye to my little Owl Mama supply and have another show coming up at the end of the month in Westdale, I thought I would get to work on another big batch of Owl Mamas which I'm still going at.

I took a break to do a little Dormouse doodle! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourites. Perhaps I will get around to more character doodles sometime...

Back to owls!

A little lap-work. 

Before doing another doodle...

PJs and sheep inspired by my sleepy week as the roof is being reshingled and those boys get up there pounding away a little early for my self-employed self. I've had some very early mornings this week! Reminds me of my days of getting up in the wee hours of the morning at the bookstore I used to work at...

Finished faces! It's very rewarding to finish all that hand sewing in one fell swoop.

Another doodle! She might be my favourite yet. I would like her dress and orange tights. And orange kitten for that matter.

Then back to work on owls!

I will continue on these guys while finishing up some other tidbits of Needlings business work in to next week.
I also stopped by Fabricland in Hamilton today for their members sale as I was running out of a few things! Perfect timing, Fabricland!

It's Mother's Day tomorrow so I will of course be spending it with my beloved Mom (and bro)! I hope everyone has a lovely one!

See you next week!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Waterdown Spring Artisan and Craft Show Recap

On Saturday I had my first craft show in five months at the Waterdown legion for the Spring Artisan and Craft Show.  Waterdown is only a short drive away and after I heard that my mom, The Nature of Mary Jane, would be participating with her knits, I of course said "yes" right away when the organizers, Jen and Nick of Prouse Pottery & Soap Co., were kind enough to invite me!

I really love doing shows, so although I have taken a few months off shows to focus on restocking the 15 stores that carry Needlings, I had a nice day hanging out with family and meeting new vendors and seeing some familiar faces too. I like feeling like I have some coworkers for the day and of course seeing positive reactions to my work in person is pretty awesome.

And of course, my table neighbour/mom's table of knits!

We had lots of fun! It made me more excited about upcoming shows this summer and was a happy break from sewing for the day!


I was also, of course, happy to have an excuse to wear my new favourite Old Navy dress!

All in all a really nice craft show day! I can't wait to share with you more exciting big events for Needlings this year including but not limited to: FanExpo,Supercrawl, and Locke Street Festival.

Every year now I feel more and more at home in Southern Ontario and I have a lot of these awesome events and Needlings to thank for it.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 234

Hi guys!

This week was a busy one as I had my first craft show of the year on Saturday.  My last one was in December! My longest stretch between shows since starting in 2007! As I concentrate more on stocking the retailers that carry Needlings, I've had to cut back on shows a bit. Luckily I had the week to stock my table and work out some display issues that will hopefully cut out some work before shows later this year!

Oh, that was boring! Sorry! So, blah, blah, blah, I had to make some Needlings to fill the Needlings table!

I started with Owl Mamas, of course!

Finished! Then I was on to some Littles!  

I wasn't sure how much time I had so I decided on sticking with some Minou Kitties, Little Robots, and some Happy Ninjas!

Then faces!

And finished!

Next I stared at my stock and thought, "Is that enough to fill an eight foot table?" After deciding that I wasn't entirely sure and also wanting to work out a new Spring set up to include a few framed prints, I did a test set up for my own peace of mind!

I used to do these test set-ups before a lot of shows when I first started but I haven't for a couple years now! It helped me set up in the morning without too much decision-making needed before I could wake up a bit and get some tea or coffee or both. Not really a morning person!

I thought it was looking pretty full but I was in need of some new signage.

I'm always surprised how long these kinds of things take! But I was happy with the results - some price signs and two new Needlings table signs including a banner than I am pleased to say worked out how I wanted on the first try instead of having to recut things or reprint anything! Although the "l" is upside down... We can't all be perfect, friends. Especially not at midnight on the night before a show.

I spent Friday evening packing everything up and getting ready to get everything in the car and head out to Waterdown early Saturday morning!  I'll do a separate post for the show but that ends the workroom recap for the week!

Lots of things planned for week 235 including packing up a box of goodies for Nice Things Handmade, a store in Philadelphia, and on to more owls for more store restocks! It's neverending and I couldn't be gladder about that!

See you soon!