Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh Ike.

Thanks to hurricane Ike,
Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago seems to have
been quite the wet one.

My wonderful fellow Plush Team
members who went to Chicago to
work our booth spoke of a happy weekend,
though wet, and not as busy as hoped.

I'm just thrilled to have been able to participate
and look forward to many awesome
Plush Team events in the future.
Hopefully a few I will attend in person as well!

photo credit: moogancreations.etsy.com

photo credit: susarto.etsy.com

The booth looks amazing in the photos, doesn't it?
So many awesome Plush Team plush!

On a serious note,
I hope everyone who was affected by Ike is
with power and safety soon if not already.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Enter to Win some Needlings Owly Goodies!

Blogger, SevenDogsandaBaby. com, is having an owl giveaway
along with her nice post of my items!

Click here for the post

All you have to do is go read her post then check out my shop
and make a comment on her blog about your favourite item and
you'll be entered to win a Mini Owl Mama and an Owl Baby Pin.

The contest runs until October 15th and it's for US entries only.

Good luck!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Forgive Me

I've been a very bad blogger lately.
Many bummed out life-y things have prevented me from
sharing more regularly.

All bumming aside...
I've remained happy with all the Needlings

In fact,
I'm super excited for Renegade this weekend!
Of course, I am not going to Chicago myself; but
I will live through my little guys that attend in my place.

The amazing Plush Team, who I feel
genuinely lucky to be a part of,
is going to be there in Chicago.
At booth 70, if you're so inclined.

We also have another team event planned
for October.
A trunk show in Columbus, OH.

Something I was going to attend but,
due to those bummy life events,
will be experiencing from afar.
Though a handful of Owl Mamas and other Needlings
will enjoy their time there, I'm sure.

I'm working on getting ready for
yet another show in November.
But this one will be all by my lonesome
for a three day show at McMaster Museum of Art.
Very exciting.
I'll keep you updated!

I've also added a bunch of fun magnets
and other new goodies to the shop
since we've talked last so don't forget
to go check them out!

I hope all is well with you.