Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wanderer Returns

White Rabbit, originally uploaded by Needlings.

Hello everyone!
I'm back home after the most amazingly fun trip visiting old friends in Iowa City. Lots of fun reunions and happy times with lovely people.
I even checked out White Rabbit which is a cute little diy/vintage shop that opened in Iowa City shortly after I moved away.
It's really pretty cute and I got myself an "I ♥ Iowa City" t-shirt and an adorable headband I've already had a few uses out of. That was the extent of my shopping across the border but the hanging out with friends was the priority and it was so wonderful.

So, home now and back to work.
The next half of the year looks busy for me so no more wandering with at least one show a month so I hope to fit everything in and hopefully keep you updated along the way.
I hope everyone had as lovely a July as I did!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mortal Plush: I AM NOT YOUR TOY

The Mortal Plush opening at Art Whino Gallery in D.C. is tonight and I am there in the form of those two little gals on the wall!
It's so exciting to see the photos taken by organizer and participator, Tobiah Mundt aka Licorice Tree of so many amazing pieces by awesome plush artists!

Back to work! Only two more days of work time before I'm off on my adventure (or vacation).

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Bookmarks!, originally uploaded by Needlings.

Well, here are the finally finished bookmarks. They're all up in the shop and ready to go!

I have lost my voice and may make a trip to the doctor this week to see how I can get rid of this strep throat in time for my trip to Iowa next Monday! Wonderful timing, right?
Anyway, I'm sure I will survive and be back to normal soon - in the meantime - I have lots of stuff to finish for various deadlines that happen to spring up right before I leave, while I'm away, and soon after I return. Show applications, magazine submissions, crafty whathaveyous, etc. I have a list somewhere to consult just in case my brain forgets something!

Oh, and before I forget to tell you - myself and the Etsy Plush team has a feature in this summers' issue of "Stuffed" print magazine. I just recently acquired my hard copy of the magazine and it is just beautiful and I'm so proud to have my little photo of my owls in it and see all the amazing work sent in by my Plush Team members and other wonderful plush artists. Worth taking a look at if they happen to carry it at your local bookstore! Or even order it, it's that great!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend

and is fully enjoying their summers!

Talk soon.



Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

New bookmarks in the works..., originally uploaded by Needlings.

Yep, it's July 1st yet again so happy birthday Canada and happy day to the rest of you!

I have been spending the past couple days "assembling" a batch of Owly Bookmarks to add to the one lonely one in my shop - so far so good.
All the little owls are stitched so I hope to finish them off tomorrow or soon after.

In the grand tradition of being sick on holidays - I woke up yesterday with some throat scratchies that have caused me some hold ups but I still hope to be able to get my sewing work done before my regular schedule resumes on Saturday.

That's all for now! I hope everyone had a lovely day.
Here are a couple photos from today's home time:

Backyard lavender harvest.

Mip the cat.