Monday, February 25, 2013

In the Workroom Recap : Week 276

Another week finished! It's now almost officially one month until the One of a Kind Show and I'm sticking pretty close to the schedule. So far so good! My goal is always to get ahead of my schedule so I can add more to it. Which I realize seems arbitrary because I am the one writing the schedule in the first place but I like to leave a little room for falling behind because life is busy and I can only do so much! Which is a lot!

I started the week with a stack of 20 bookmarks. So much handwork!

I was super happy to also notice this week that I was the "Artisan of the Week" on the One of a Kind website! As if I wasn't excited already!

Back to bookmarks! Which I finished before getting started on some display work which includes painting this old trunk a shiny white. Still in progress and waiting on lining but you'll see if finished in coming weeks I'm sure! And then it will be all Needlings filled for the show!

A few more coats to go! It's been fun having a different sort of job to work on in between sewing jobs. 

I also had another crafternoon with my fellow-maker friend Lisa! I whipped up another new Needlings fabric dress and we had a day of sewing, tea-drinking, chatting, and general fun stuff. And I managed to get some work done too, of course!

It's so fun to have some Needlings clothes to wear for shows now! I've added this kitty dress to the collection and I'm pretty happy about it - plus it matches my purple hair!

And now I'm working on a big batch of Owl Mamas! 

That's quite a stack! So I'll be hopefully finishing those up this week and continuing with the to-do list!

See you soon guys!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

In (and out of) the Workroom Recap(s) : Week 272, 273, 274

Hi guys!
After a few weeks without a recap, I'm back! I was out of the workroom, as I mentioned last post, staying with my dad for the last bit of week 272, all of 273, and the first little bit of 274. It took me an additional week to get myself together as far as feeling organized enough to sit down for a blog post so here I am! Finally. It was a busy few weeks getting work together to sew while I was away and then trying to piece it all together when I got back. I guess you could say I've become pretty methodical with work now but I think everything is all back in order now so I feel relatively organized again - yay! (Don't laugh Mom)
But I did it. And I even managed to get some work done while I was away on the big restock order for Kid Icarus in Toronto that came in near the end of the week 272.  I had already started doing some prep work for some other stuff to take along with me for the week but I put that aside and brought a bunch of Littles with me instead which worked out great. Lots of handsewing kept me busy and when I returned, I had finished sewing 48 little faces. Not too bad!

(A few Instagram shots from the week at my dad's)

The week went by pretty fast and before I knew it I was back at home cleaning up my work table again and putting up my great grand father's clock that my dad gave me! It doesn't work but 10 is a good time I think.

And then...lots of little plush assembling. (with tea usually)

And there is still lots to go! Hopefully I will have all the Littles and then another bunch of keychains, cell sleeves, and a couple Owl Mamas ready to send off to Kid Icarus next week so I can get working on stock for the One of a Kind Show in Toronto in March! I'll also be working on some new display stuff in the coming weeks and hopefully staying on schedule.

Hope everyone is staying warm! See you next week this time.