Saturday, June 27, 2009

For the Bookish

Bookmark, originally uploaded by Needlings.

A new little bookmark is now available in the shop for those of you, like myself, who appreciate a nice little book accessory every once in awhile.
I plan on making more to hang out on my table at my markets this year and more bookish items for the shop as well.

On the topic of books, I've been searching around for the perfect copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to inspire me a bit while I brainstorm for a couple pieces I'll be making for an Alice in Wonderland inspired gallery plush show in a few months.
It's always been one of my favourites - I think it will be fun picking some fun Wonderland-ish characters to create myself.

I hope to have more work finished to show you for the shop before heading off to Iowa mid-July...
...unless I fall down a rabbit-hole myself.

Happy June.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm home!

After over 30 hours of driving and a couple weeks worth of large family visits...
I made it home.

It was fun to see family and I didn't even mind the driving most of the time.
We divvied it up on the way there but since we stopped overnight to do a little Quebec City sight seeing (amazing!) on the way hom - I drove the whole way home.

It was nice to get away but at the same time I am so happy to be home. Back to work and sewing and all that good stuff.

And now here's a sunny (ish) ferry view photo as promised - it rained nearly the whole time!