Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fall Up

The title of this entry, "Fall Up," comes
from the new Rio en Medio single.
I'm super excited to acquire the full
new album, "Frontier."

I'm winding up my summer work;
having finished the Renegade group to sell along with
the amazing work of my fellow Plush Team members,
and another group of Owl Mamas heading off to
Wholly Craft in Columbus, OH.

Lots of other little ends being tied off before I dive in to
fall shows and the Christmas season prep.

I'm slowly getting back in to making new items for the shop.
I put up a new little owly magnet set
and just finished this funny little thing that will
appear in the shop some time this week:

I may be heading in to Toronto this week or next
for a little fun friend time but you will be informed I'm sure!
Hopefully I will take some photos too since I always forget.
I forget to get in to tourist mode
when I'm only going 45 minutes away.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


My Renegade work has ended.

A very large box is out of my hands
and headed towards Chicago.

I can only hope it will be happily received!

My other little bit of exciting news that is
unrelated to Renegade Craft fair
is that I am participating in
the etsy coop advertising program.
This means a little Needlings ad will be
seen in a two page etsy ad in the November
issue of Craft Magazine.
I'm super excited about it!
My businessy birthday (birth month I guess)
gift to myself in November.

You can be sure I will be showing that off
when it shows up on the shelves.

Lots of things to work for in the next few months.
It's good.
I love being Needlings busy.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

More work...

I'm surprised with how busy I've been.
I'm nearly finished with my items to send along with
the Plush Team at Renegade...
which is awesome!

I really didn't think I would be quite as productive as I have been.

And I even had time to finish and list a new "Out on a Limb Tote."

I had yet to take photos of the ten new Owl Mamas I've finished
but I'm planning on being able to get a quick shot or two in
before they enter the box and (hopefully) leave me forever.

Oh and I even managed to finish these two Needlings too:

Back to work I go!