Saturday, June 30, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 242

Another week over! This week went pretty much as planned on the Needlings front and was otherwise pretty busy!

It started off with a small break from finishing a big restock order for Young Blood to pack up a keychain to send out in the world.

Then I finished up those phone sleeves and everything was ready to head out to Young Blood!

I like to wait until the entire order is finished then I tag everything to get ready to head in to the box. And I got to use my new tags!

Then on to yet some more Owl Mamas for Wholly Craft in Columbus, Ohio.

I took a break from these owls to finish another owl order for a customer in the Netherlands!

I only have one BIG Owl Mama left now so I'll have to do a couple more to have at Fan Expo in August!

I had my friend Lisa of Nerdbiskit over for a sewing date.  She worked on her sewing and I got back to work on my owls for Wholly Craft!

(Lisa hard at work)

(Photo by Lisa Bell)

Then I had all my owls ready to be stuffed! A fully successful sewing day and nice to have a coworker for the day! I think we make this a regular/semi-regular event for the summer!

And finished!

And on to some little kitties, ninjas, and robots for next week!

I hope to finish up a few more things for Wholly Craft this week then get working on another restock for White Rabbit in Iowa City.  There always seems to be something to do.  In fact, I also made a few changes on the website which you may or may not notice! 

Well, tomorrow is Canada Day so I hope my fellow Canadians enjoy the holiday and everyone else just have a nice day! See you next week!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 240 & 241

This week's post is a two week recap because last weekend the Needlings computer had a bit of an accident so I was without it while it was getting repaired and unable to blog (oh no!).  It's all healthy and good to go now though so get ready for a long one!

First I had to finish an order for a new store in California:

And finished! I was quite happy with this order. I don't get a chance to make as many bags as I'd like but being that my busy show season is coming up in a couple months, I think I will make some time for more.

So after I boxed and mailed that big order I thought I would give my brain the chance to make something new. So I took the time to make another one of my one of a kind fuzzy haired dolls.

This was the early stages before I made a few colour/design changes.

I was happy with how she turned out, strange thing she is. She has been dubbed Flora F. Fairweather and is" target="_blank">available in the shop.

While I was finishing her up, a few restock requests came in so as soon as I cleared the worktable of any green fuzzies, I started with some keychains for Kid Icarus in Toronto.

Then off they went! I must admit I get a little too pleased when things fit in boxes perfectly...

I then had another little change of pace when a customer asked for a custom Ghostface plush (from the Scream movies).

Then off he went! Or she. I won't spoil any of the movies for you just in case you haven't seen them yet...

I then got to work on a small batch of Littles as part of a restock bunch for Young Blood in Atlanta.  Before I was able to sew them up, my worktable temporarily filled up after an exciting mail day when I got some more felt supplies in, Needlings' new business cards/tags, and our parking pass for the Toronto Convention Centre for Fan Expo in August! So exciting!

I supressed the excitement of course, and cleaned off the work table again to finish up the littles and get started on some cell phone sleeves!

And that's where we leave off for next week! Almost finished with those then they'll be off to Atlanta!

That was a busy one! Next week will take care of Young Blood's restock and I'll get started on two more restock bunches for Wholly Craft in Columbus, Ohio and White Rabbit in Iowa City.

I'll see you next week - barring any more computer disasters.  

Happy summer! ♥

Saturday, June 9, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 239

Well, we skipped a week in there but I'm back at home in the workroom now and taking care of business!

During my week away to stay with my dad, I managed to do some handsewing in between appointments, hospital visits, and spending time with him so I was set up this week to work on a large order that came through for a new store in California!  This will be the 16th retailer that carries Needlings - which is very exciting! When I started sewing funny little felt guys almost five years ago, I certainly never thought they would end up in one store let along sixteen! I'm so grateful really. I'm extra grateful it allowed me the freedom to stay with my dad to take care of him during his first week of dialysis. ♥

After I unloaded all my bags of supplies and finished faces, I decided to work on nine Little Owlings first.

I'm always happy to include a couple different than usual colour combinations.
Then on to a couple Owl Mamas and keychains ordered.

After finishing those minty guys up, big owls and keychains both, I got started on a small batch of cell phone sleeves after noting that I'm almost out of mint felt! I'll have to stock up on that again soon. I'm not surprised I go through it quickly - one of my favourites and popular too!

And finished those up along with packaging!  Only a few more things to go and all these goodies will be headed off to California.

I'll leave you with a couple doodles for fun.

I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather!
See you soon! ♥