Monday, February 24, 2014

In the Workroom Recap : Week 328

Week 328! (I think) We missed a few in there but if my math is correct, I'm pretty sure we're in the 328 neighbourhood.

Things are still a little slower than usual around here but I did manage to get a big batch of phone sleeves all finished up for One of Kind Show, with the exception of a small stack that was waiting on me to restock my supply of yellow rick rack. They're next on the list!

Just packaging and 7 left to go! In the meantime I'm a little more disorganized than usual too, working on multiple stacks of things at once (it's good to have a few things ready to go that I can work on by hand if I have to head down to the hospital) so I have a few robots I've been sewing, kitties cutting, and more owl faces sewing for little owlings. There's just about one month until One of a Kind but I'm hopeful I'll manage to have a full booth with lots of goodies available!

Luckily I am lucky to have a few lovely helpers to help me along the way! Parts cutting and packaging help is always amazing. Plus we get to hang out and have tea and treats! Best job, right?

See you next week!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February Update

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by! Things have been a little slow around here in Needlings world but after a month of no regular "In the Workroom," updates, I thought it was time to explain myself and hopefully get back on track after a difficult month filled with days spent almost exclusively outside of the workroom.

A month ago now (wow, a whole month!), I took my dear 69 year old dad to the emergency room at St. Joe's hospital in Hamilton where he has been since, now with an unexpected dementia/alzheimer's diagnosis to accompany his other health problems, and now waiting on a long term care home. It seemed to come out of nowhere but after spending almost an hour talking to him every day on the phone and seeing the change in him now, I know he's in and heading to the safest place for him - heartbreaking as it is. If any of you have experience dealing with loved ones who struggle with dementia of any kind, hugs to you! And thank you for your patience and understanding. Life goes on and all I can do it be thankful of all the lovely support I have.

So between spending most days helping him at the hospital and getting a crash course in long term care home placement - I haven't done much sewing!

I am in the process of (slowly) getting back in to things and working on a very big bunch of cell phone sleeves for the One of a Kind Show coming up next month and will hopefully get back in to more Needlings work at a steady pace until then in between lots of hospital visits. It's definitely going to be a busy month to match the already busy year. But I can do it! (RIGHT? Right.)

Wish me luck! And give your dear ones a hug for me.