Friday, June 27, 2008

Two of the Three

So from the little messy picture from the last post...


and new Needling:
Her name is Kaz and her story can be found in the etsy shop.

The green scarf is an ongoing in between projects project so I'm still knitting...
I'm also knitting turquoise straps for a new red corduroy bag so who knows what will come first.

I spent a little part of the day organizing my work table too:
Ok so I don't really have any room to do "work" at it but it is where I keep everything anyway.
Then I cover everything with their respective plastic lids and then a tarp to deter further cat attention.
It works well.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Projects

I've been working away I promise.
Lots of knitting actually as I try to get ahead on some straps for totes.
Feels like progress but not as many new things in the shop lately to show for it.
There will be more in the coming weeks.

Here's a little peek at a few things I've been working on:

A green scarf (thinking ahead for the winter season)
Doesn't it look so pretty on those purple needles?
Like an eggplant.
Gave me an idea for a little extra...

A new Needling just waiting for my new Needlings tags to come in the mail
so her little leg can be stuffed and sewn...

And a polka dotted tote with yellow straps.

Oh and also!
is now mine.
Currently it only directs to the etsy shop but it still feels like nice progress.

So you see, lots of things!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

FREE Shipping!

Until the end of June!

Free shipping worldwide in the shop.

On everything!

Friday, June 20, 2008


I got my new buttons today!

There will be some in the shop by tomorrow,
and they'll be sent with purchases as well.

I shouldn't be this excited but they're just bright and cheerful and plentiful!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Today I came home from work and thought,
"what should I make today?,"
as I often do...
I decided I needed a book bag.
I work at a bookstore and as a result,
I buy too many books and always have one in my bag.
They can get a little banged up so I decided to make a little book bag to protect them!

Books really shouldn't be banging up against keys and lip gloss.

On a personal note, anticipate a possible shop closure in the next couple of weeks
as I may need to go out of town for a short period of time...maybe a week.
On another personal note,
my dad, who I rarely see because he lives in Nevada and has been desperately trying to sell
his house so he can return to Canada and retire, has finally sold his house and is moving back!
It was excellent father's day news and I'm so happy he'll be back where he wants to be.

I really hope everyone is having a nice summer so far, maybe reading a few good books (which ones? recommend!), going on fun vacations, and generally enjoying their lives.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Return

I seemingly have abandoned this blog
but I promise you it is not for good.
I've been occupied and preoccupied along with
busy for the past few weeks...
I have, however, updated the shop with a few new things:
A doll
who I love:

Between you and me,
this Penny Doll design was created for one of my friends
who just so happens to be having a little baby girl in about 4 weeks.
This new little girl is going to be getting one of these dolls in pink and green which are,
I am told,
the colours of the nursery who waits for her to arrive.

Quite exciting really.
I'm excited.

So that's all for now.
New things to come always.
I hope I won't abandon this blog again but
hopefully you are all having summer fun with no time for blog reading anyway.

Thank you, as always, for checking back.