Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mom, Markets, and Computer Hate

I've been keeping quite busy lately in terms of Needlings
goings-on as well as helping my mom start her very own
Etsy scarf shop.

So we present you with, the very sparce, currently, but not for long,

She's working on lots of pretty, pretty scarves featuring
the yarns you see in the photo. I'm helping her out
as much I can until she gets the hang of it but
it's very nice to see her excited.
She's always been a "maker" who would love to have
a shop of some sort but I think wasn't sure where to start.

On the topic of markets,
I will be participating in the Holiday Makers' Market
here in Hamilton this year taking place at Christ's
Cathedral Church downtown - which is a beautiful old
church that allows it's usage for such events.
I'm excited to see how it goes considering it has more of
an "indie," for the lack of a better word, vibe than
my first show did (that I was still happy with) earlier this month.

Now on the combo topic of computer hate and why
I haven't been very present on this here blog lately
My firefox browser has decided to disallow me
access to certain features such as my email, flickr blogging,
and other fun things that make my life easier for them
to all be in the same place.
My computer has decided to take a bit of a speed break
on top of that so we'll see what I can work out.
Perhaps Santa will bring me a brand new spiffy working
computer...and if he doesn't - I may just have
to bring it to myself.

I hope to see you more often than it has been.

I shall be working away on new items (Owl Mamas currently)
and organizing for the market next week but I hope
everyone in the U.S. has a happy Thanksgiving
and end of November in general for everyone else.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Free Shipping and New Moo!

Needlings Notecard Set, originally uploaded by Needlings.

These are my new note cards featuring my product photography printed by!
I thought they needed a little home so I made a felt envelope to hold the little set of 4 cards and envelopes. It's fun trying out new things. I'm still working on a few more holiday-y items so look out for those if you are so inclined.

I spent today doing a little Christmas shopping for my mom...I seem to always start with her because she's just the easiest. I love shopping for her. On the off chance she reads this I won't say what I got but I will say that I think she'll like all of it. My dad and brother always require serious spying, prying, and list-making. Thankfully, I am a cool-headed late shopper so I still have some time!

Speaking of holiday shopping...
I'm officially letting you all know that I have free shipping worldwide in my shop until December 1st! No excuses to empty out those favourites now. (wink wink)

I hope everyone is enjoying the starting signs (or full on pleasant/unpleasant effects) of winter coming.

If you hate winter...don't fret - it always goes away eventually. And if you love it...enjoy it until it is over and then don't fret - it always comes back again.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

MacFair finished!

MacFair 08, originally uploaded by Needlings.

I've had a busy beginning of November getting ready and finally actually doing MacFair at the Museum of Art the past few days.
It was an overall pleasant first show for me and I was lucky enough to have my mom there the whole time.
This photo is of my set up before the show started and only experienced a little shifting and replacing of items over the span of the three day show. Definitely happy with how it turned out!
It was busier than I thought it would be and there really were no disasters or even almost disasters and I am now feeling ready to agree to more shows...which is exciting!
It was super nice to be able to talk to a few people who are really right there with me in a lot of ways. I'm really too much of a homebody most of the time so I really liked meeting some really sweet people.

Oh, and tomorrow is my birthday! Not a bad November so far.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's a Necklace!

It's a necklace!, originally uploaded by Needlings.

In the middle of all my tagging and pricing prep for MacFair Thursday, Friday, and Saturday...I decided to make a tiny owl.

Added a little ring and ribbon and I think he makes the perfect little owly necklace!

I hope everyone's November is starting out as pleasant as mine has been.
Busy with work but definitely good.
I'll be spending the next couple of days frantically working to prepare for my show but I hope to see you all following the weekend with some good words (and photos) from my first big show!