Friday, September 21, 2012

I Lied (Belated Recaps)

Remember when I said I would "be back next week with a recap of Locke Street Festival?" Obviously I lied to you as it is now magically September 21st and you have been recap-less. 

Firstly, PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I have slacked on my recap posts, but I will tell you that it only feels like a week later to me!

Secondly, September 2012 marks Needlings five years of existence. Can you believe it? 5 years of sewing Needlings and I couldn't be happier about it! In honour of this milestone, I am giving you an opportunity to enter to win lots of Needlings goodies.  Pop on over to the Needlings facebook page to enter.

Thirdly, get ready for three weeks of workroom recaps, weeks 252-254, and two show recaps in one! In one!

Locke Street Festival and then Supercrawl a week apart so soon after Fan Expo took me for a bit of a loop.  They were both amazing of course! Hamilton came out in full force for both events (even though there was rain for the first few hours of Locke Street) which kept me busy sewing like a madwoman for these few weeks.  

First I had to stock up on a few extra littles!

Locke Street Festival came and so we headed out in the crazy wet downpour to set up in the rain!  Lucky nothing got too wet and it even cleared up enough to turn out to be a sunny beautiful (and really busy) show day!

Callie the pup also enjoyed her first festival! 

It was fun to do a great Hamilton show and get a chance to see lots of familiar faces. I was also excited to be set up right across the street from Little Bird's new location inside of The Button Pushers with a few Needlings in the window!

It was such a great day on Locke Street in Hamilton and I had lots to do the week after to stock up for Supercrawl for the following Saturday!  

I did what I could! We headed out on Saturday morning to James Street North in Hamilton to set up. It was chilly but beautiful and exciting!

I was quite happy with the booth that day! And happy I managed to fill the table again so soon after Locke Street Festival!

(With Lisa of Nerdbiskit and Callie!)

There were amazing art and music performances all day! So much fun! I can hardly wait until next year now.  It's events like these that make me fall in love with Hamilton and feel so proud to be a part of it.

And now back to reality (which involves a lot of the same sort of stuff really)! On to restocking lots of shops waiting on more Needlings! First on the list is Homespun in Indiana!  

Whew! Off they'll go this weekend then on to more! I now have a to do list longer than it has ever been and even more to sew! I will be back in another 20 days for another workroom recap! Just kidding, I'll only be a week this time!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 251

Hey guys! Happy September! I love the fall, I can't wait until the leaves start changing and all that good stuff.

Well, this was my first week back in the workroom after Fan Expo so it was used for general recovery (did I mention already how intense Fan Expo was?), finishing up a big bookmark order that was waiting for me, and some planning for the busy month ahead.

First, bookmarks!

Then they were all wrapped up and sent out! Bookmarks might be my favourite things to see laid out in a big colourful group after finishing.

After some to-do list organizing and a break to do a little doodle of my new rescue puppy Callie, I have a full couple of weeks planned to get a couple store restocks sent out and to prepare for Locke Street Festival next Saturday on September 8th, and Supercrawl the following weekend on Septempter 14-15th, both in Hamilton.

I hope to see some of you there! Keep an eye out for my booth near Hunter and Locke and come say hello.

Otherwise I'll be back next week after Locke Street Festival with another workroom recap and show recap! 

And keep an eye out too on the Needlings facebook page for an upcoming 5 year anniversary giveaway contest!

Bye for now, friends!