Sunday, November 18, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 262

Hi guys! I've been busy as a bee in the Needlings workshop getting ready for the holidays! What's a girl gotta do to get some elves?

Anyway, finished up the little stocking ornaments and got them up in the shop!

It was fun to do something a little different for ornaments this year. Still owl related but little red stockings instead of the usual little owls!

Then I got to work on some bookmarks for White Rabbit in Iowa City and some NEW Needlings Colouring Books for my first holiday show of the year at the Woodview Learning Centre in Burlington.

With sewn bindings and everything!

I was lucky enough to take a little break from work to have a little belated meeting with one of my favourite ladies who knows me so well that she got me a new pin cushion!

And delicious apple cider and cake of course!

I spent the last few days of the week finishing up a batch of Owl Mamas and a few littles and got ready to head out to Woodview on Saturday!

It was another fun day with my favourite knitter/mom where we had the nicest table neighbours and passed the time quite happily.

We have a weekend off from shows before the next three but lots of work ahead and some other exciting things so I will see you next week with more! Bye for now, lovely friends!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 261

Another week over for Needlings! This one ended with a little birthday celebration for me but could I stay away from my worktable for a whole day? Of course not!

Next Saturday, the 17th, is our first holiday show!

It'll be a busy week ahead getting ready for it!

But last week started with filling some orders and starting on some things for White Rabbit in Iowa City.

Then pins!

Done! I even stole one of these little guys for my own coat this year.

I spent the rest of the week working on top secret Needlings holiday products. Which I will now show you (in secret). They will be finished up and in the shop this week!

Christmas card prototypes! 

And ornaments! The worktable is looking sort of Santa's Workshop at the moment but as soon and these little guys are finished, I'll be back to bookmarks and Owl Mamas to get ready for the show this weekend!

See you next week, lovely friends!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 260

November! One of my favourite months. Probably due to it being my birth month but I like fall best anyway.

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! I took a break from sewing early in the week to carve the pumpkin...

Callie the pup enjoyed sniffing the pumpkin guts and barking at the doorbell. It was fun!

Anyway, in addition to Halloween fun, I worked on a batch of goodies for Chapters in Ancaster in addition to filling a couple other orders. 

Owl Mamas and Minou Kitties this time! 

And with my computer dying (don't worry, all fixed up now) earlier this week, naturally my beloved sewing machine should die the same week. Luckily I picked up an almost identical one a year or so ago to be safe.  I have had it since I was 16 afterall.  It served me well.

And after another sewing day with Lisa of Nerdbiskit, I finished up the Chapters batch and dropped them off at the Ancaster store!

I'll have to keep a closer eye on them as we get closer to the holiday season! They tend to disappear a little faster (which I will definitely not complain about).

So that was it for the week! I'm still restocking some stores and starting to get in the holiday season headspace so look forward to some Christmas-y things in upcoming weeks in addition to some restock batches for White Rabbit in Iowa City and Little Bird in Hamilton, as well as a few others. Whew.

See you next week! After some birthday week fun (and work) for me of course!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 259

I can't actually believe another week is over and it's time for another workroom recap but I'm not one to argue so I guess I'll go ahead and do it.

So the week went by super fast you guys! I spent the week finishing up a big restock for Kid Icarus in Toronto and managed to get everything all boxed up and headed out!

Littles first!

Then keychains!

And done!

It was a pretty tight fit getting everything to fit in the box but thanks to my many years of Needlings Tetris practice, everything fit perfectly and is on it's way to Kid Icarus in Toronto's Kensington Market. 

Another little bit of exciting news was finding out about a little article in the Fall issue of Hamilton Magazine! Thanks to some nice friends for letting me know about this over the past couple weeks or so. And I finally got around to picking one (or four) up!

I'm so proud to have this super nice little write up in such a great local magazine. Hamilton just keeps getting cooler and cooler and I'm so happy to be here to see it. 

Ok guys, I'm back to work - I hope you all have lovely weeks! Keep dry and enjoy Halloween!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 258

Hi guys! Another week over for Needlings!

I started the week off after art crawl sending off a big batch of goodies to Dots & Loops in Lunenburg.

Then I got going on a restock for Kid Icarus! 

Owl Mamas and cell sleeves all finished! Lots of littles and keychains left to go but took a break from the restock to make and send off a big robot to the Netherlands!

And it's on its way! And now I'm back to work on that stack of littles there. Robots, kitties, and owlings before stocking up on keychains then they'll all be headed off to Kid Icarus in Toronto.

Looks like there will be a few more weeks of restocking stores before getting ready for holiday shows. HOLIDAYS! I can't believe how quickly they pop up. Lots to do!

See you next week friends!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 257

Hello again!

This week was a busy one topped off with my last outdoor show of the year to end off a busy late summer/fall show season. I think the busiest one yet for Needlings - from Fan Expo in August to this last Art Crawl, we'll be taking a month break from shows to get the stores that carry Needlings all stocked up! Don't worry though, there will be lots of work to talk about!

After finishing up the Littles I was working on at the end of last week, I had a little custom squirrel keychain order come in.
I realized halfway in that I didn't have a squirrel doodle to go with it so I of course took a break to do that!

After packing the little squirrel and a few more orders - I got to work on a big batch of cell phone sleeves that will be heading out to a couple stores this coming week!

I said it was a big batch!

And finished! 

I then donned my new work uniform/Needlings skirt and headed out to Art Crawl on a chilly Friday night!

I was sharing a tent with my favourite knitter (and mom) of The Nature of Mary Jane. We had a fun night downtown and thankfully bundled up enough to stay warm. 

Super fun! I am looking forward to doing a December market in the same spot (but inside) for the 5th year in a row. 

But for now, I'm back to the workroom to finish off a few orders and pack up boxes to be sent out to stores!

See you next week guys!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 256

Hello again! Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and happy regular weekend to the rest of you!

I am so excited for these chilly nights and leaves of the ground I can hardly contain myself.  Everything feels cozier, doesn't it?

Well, this week was spent working on some goodies for restocks that will be sent out to a few stores after October Art Crawl on James St. North in Hamilton on the 12th. Less than a week away! The last half of the year is a big blur of shows and sewing to me in some ways - I can hardly believe it's "mid-October" already! A good blur though, I promise!

So, the work! Had to get some Owl Mamas going first of course.

I finished those up and before starting on stocking up on a few Littles and filling some orders, I decided to do a little personal "hair craft."

I love turquoise! 

I figured the boss wouldn't mind! (P.S. the boss is me!) I might get a little braver and let the turquoise take over a little bit more next time since I love it so much. It was pretty funny sewing with blue stuff in my hair though. Quite a professional workspace we have here over at the Needlings' headquarters!

So enough of that silliness and back to the serious plush making business...

I finished up these little guys and took care of a few orders and now I'll be having some Thanksgiving family times before starting work on a batch of phone sleeves and more goodies for art crawl on Friday!

Keep your fingers crossed for no rain for me! See you next week! ♥