Sunday, October 7, 2012

In the Workroom Recap : Week 256

Hello again! Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and happy regular weekend to the rest of you!

I am so excited for these chilly nights and leaves of the ground I can hardly contain myself.  Everything feels cozier, doesn't it?

Well, this week was spent working on some goodies for restocks that will be sent out to a few stores after October Art Crawl on James St. North in Hamilton on the 12th. Less than a week away! The last half of the year is a big blur of shows and sewing to me in some ways - I can hardly believe it's "mid-October" already! A good blur though, I promise!

So, the work! Had to get some Owl Mamas going first of course.

I finished those up and before starting on stocking up on a few Littles and filling some orders, I decided to do a little personal "hair craft."

I love turquoise! 

I figured the boss wouldn't mind! (P.S. the boss is me!) I might get a little braver and let the turquoise take over a little bit more next time since I love it so much. It was pretty funny sewing with blue stuff in my hair though. Quite a professional workspace we have here over at the Needlings' headquarters!

So enough of that silliness and back to the serious plush making business...

I finished up these little guys and took care of a few orders and now I'll be having some Thanksgiving family times before starting work on a batch of phone sleeves and more goodies for art crawl on Friday!

Keep your fingers crossed for no rain for me! See you next week! ♥

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