Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In the Workroom Recap : Week 269

Here I am, on the weekend as scheduled! 

And I sent off the box to Homespun in Indiana! Post holiday shopping restock has begun with hopefully some more new things in between. It should be a busy first few months of the year! I'm sure you'll hear all about it.

They should be on the shelves shortly, for any of you Indiana folks!

One of my goals for the new year is to concentrate more on my one of a kind dolls; to give myself a break from batches of the usual items and because they're fun!
I finished one up this week and have plans for more soon!

They usual start with a little detail idea, a fun fur hair colour, some fabric digging through and a little pencil sketch.

Sometimes they evolve a bit from the drawing as I start cutting and laying out pieces and all that but this one stayed pretty close to the first idea and I was pretty happy with how she turned out when she was all finished.

Violet V. Vandergast is the name of this little one. Because half the fun of doll-making is naming them weirdo names! She's up in" target="_blank">the shop and ready to go!

I wish I had that dress for myself...

Anyway, I started a top secret project at the end of the week for the Plush Team Secret Santa Swap. The Plush Team is a group of plush artists, myself included, that participate in group shows and challenges together including just for fun things like this swap. We do our swap after Christmas since it's usually a busy time for all of us SO I can't reveal the finished project until the recipient gets it in another month or so, but here's the start!
Oh, and the "theme" this year is Mardi Gras!

Almost finished now!  So that'll be finished up and on it's way out and I'll be back to work on more Needlings work!

See you next week, lovely friends!

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