Saturday, January 19, 2013

In the Workroom Recap : Week 270

A little late but I made it! Last week was a busy one for me with going in to Toronto for a couple days for some fun with friends reservations for fancy tea and some other friends and family obligations but I still managed to finish work on a few more dolls and some other cleanup/behind the scenes jobs in the workshop!

At the end of last week I had mentioned that I started work on a new "Secret Santa" sort of project for a fellow Plush Team member for the Mardi Gras themes swap and as luck would have it, she has already received it so I can share it with you guys this week!  My recipient was Amy of Squirrel Momma, so naturally I made her a little "Squirrel Momma goes to Mardi Gras," since I was feeling obviously very literal about things.

You can even read about her opening the box over at the Plush Team website, I'm now waiting patiently for my secret santa gift! Who has my name?! It's all so exciting! Well, I was super duper early with mine because I happened to find some free time a month before the deadline but I will share it with you in a future week whenever it arrives!

I've been having lots of fun these last couple weeks making my crazy little dolls and taking a break from the usual stuff that keeps me so busy year round. I finished two more this week that are now available in the shop:" target="_blank">Tabitha T. Trollope

And" target="_blank">Birdie B. Bloomfield

Then I had to rearrange the "doll wall" of course, to make some room for the new girls!

I'm looking forward to adding some more and continuing work as usual!

See you all next week!

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