Sunday, January 20, 2013

In the Workroom Recap : Week 271

Hi everyone!

Last week was an exciting news week for Needlings because I found out I will be participating in the One of a Kind Show in Toronto as a part of the new Etsy section! It's going to be a busy couple months getting ready for it but I am excited and looking forward to doing an exciting new show that boasts being the largest consumer crafts show in North America. AH! I just read that to include it here. It's so big, you guys!  

I'm sure I will update you as I go along! Super relaxed updates with no freaking out at all!

Before I got the news of the show, I finished another doll since I was kind of on a doll roll for a bit there.

Her hair is pretty crazy isn't it? Anyway, I got her up in the shop but took her, along with a few other of the new ones, out because I was asked by One of a Kind to send a few items in to them to have a little photoshoot to potentially be included in the show's web and print material.

I whipped up a few other owls and Needlings goodies and sent them on their way.

So off they all went! They'll be back after their exciting stay at the One of a Kind headquarters in Toronto.

I also found these little boxes this week and got to thinking about new display ideas for the show.  Notice I am pretty plum out of stock myself so you and I can both look forward to a few weeks of stocking up on goodies for the show!

I will be out of the workroom for all of next week starting on the 25th so there might be a bit of a hold on the workroom updates depending on how it goes. If you know me or have read for awhile then you know that my daddio has some health problems and because his wife will be out of town, I'll be staying with him in Binbrook (about a half an hour from me) to get him to and from his kidney dialysis and general taking care/hanging out stuff. I'm bringing along some handsewing work to keep on top of things of course but in general, it'll be a little slow on Needlings work for the week. 

See you soon, friends!

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