Sunday, March 17, 2013

In the Workroom Recap : Week 279

Countdown to One of a Kind Show: 10 days away! 
It was another speedy week but I got tons done which is good!

I started with printing, cutting and framing lots of illustrations/doodlings for the show.

Then, since I was in printing mode, I got my shopping bags ready for the show! These are little jobs I've been meaning to get around to and am happy to have had the push to get them done. Plus it was nice to have a little mini break from sewing work.

A really mini one though since then I was back to finishing up this big batch of little owls!

I did a quick table test next:

I already have a few changes in mind but it's pretty much ready to go! But there's still more to sew!

I worked on a few foxes next.

Then another doll!

Then I finally got around to drawing up my new tags for my art dolls! I'm really happy with how they turned out and now have a nice little pile of tagged dolls.

And I will be starting this next week off with making another one to add to the group!

Well, wish me luck with the last week before the show! See you next weekend!

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