Saturday, March 2, 2013

In the Workroom Recap : Week 277

Hey guys! That week went by so fast! I'm going to make this a quick update because there are now only three weeks left until One of a Kind show and I still have tons to do! Serious business!

I fiinished up half of the Owl Mamas I had been working on last week but of course ran out of stuffing so I'll be finishing the rest up this week.

I then decided to make another art doll to match my own kitty dress I made last week!

She'll be added to the group of girls that will be available at the show as well as in the online shop: Never trust anyone who doesn't like cats.

And now I'm working on this big bunch of Owl Baby Pins!

I sold one of these little guys off my coat when I was just visiting the show a few years ago so hopefully they do as well at the actual booth!

So that's it for the week! I'm hoping to be through another big chunk of work by the end of next week - see you then!

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