Friday, July 10, 2009

Mortal Plush: I AM NOT YOUR TOY

The Mortal Plush opening at Art Whino Gallery in D.C. is tonight and I am there in the form of those two little gals on the wall!
It's so exciting to see the photos taken by organizer and participator, Tobiah Mundt aka Licorice Tree of so many amazing pieces by awesome plush artists!

Back to work! Only two more days of work time before I'm off on my adventure (or vacation).


DandyLion's Delights said...

Your plushies are sooo freakin adorable!! Excellent job on your attention to detail. You ROCK Girl!!

Pili said...

Congrats on the exposition and exposure! You huggable art is too cute for words!

Heather Saunders said...

Thank you both! :)