Monday, January 6, 2014

In the Workroom Recap : Week 321

Hi guys! The very first week of 2014 is already over and I spent most of it finishing up some jobs that were on the list for the end of the year, most of which involved a bunch of organizing, paperwork and putting away of things. It is safe to say, after almost a month, that everything is all back in order after the One of a Kind show last month - pretty much. I still have some workspace organizing and rearranging on my mind but nothing pressing. Little things like a new spot for buttons and trims and reorganizing the "doll wall" above my worktable - fun stuff!

What's left of my inventory is definitely not taking up as much room so lots of stocking up for store restocks and the Spring One of a Kind show in March is definitely in order! For now though, I took some time to get a few things up in the shop that weren't there before and to revamp (I hate that word but edit sounds super boring) some shop photos and other little things. These are kind of boring always on the list jobs that I just have to do whenever it comes to me. Things don't get better unless there is at least a little change so there we go. I can thank my dear mother for that lesson. There is definitely never an end to that kind of stuff but you get to hear about it this week anyway. (Fun, right?)

So after a few little photo shoots, two little dolls and three large dolls are now up in the shop!

I hope to add more little Spring ladies to the collection in the coming months so stay tuned for those. In the meantime I am working on a new little prototype for a series I might potentially work in to the line depending on how I like the first one. It's only just in the works now, but I plan on getting at least this new one done before starting on stocking up on more of the old favourites. As a break for myself and also just because it was on my mind and now's the time to do it before I realize how little time I have left for everything else!

I'm sure you'll see the finished product soon! Not too difficult to come up with a guess as to what it may be though! 

I hope everyone is staying safe from all the winter weather we're having lately if you're in my part of the world! And if you're not, lucky you! (Although generally this is a pretty great place to be.)

I'm off to cozy up with my sweet little puppy and kitty and get some sewing done. See you next week, friends!

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