Friday, November 20, 2009

Show Season

MacFair '09, originally uploaded by Needlings.

This photo is from MacFair which took place last week at the McMaster Museum of Art November 11-13. A day after my birthday!
It was so fun to have my mom there with me for her first show (there's her table of pretty scarves and cowls next to mine) and it was a great start to the season.
Tomorrow is the first Makers' Market holiday show at St. Paul's in Westdale and the following weekend brings two more shows, before the last holiday Makers' Market at the Cathedral on James North on December 5th.
Busy busy busy!

So my exciting news that leads me to have only excitement about the upcoming holiday busy-ness is that I am now a full-time all-the-time Needlings maker! I feel so lucky and happy and ready.
I hope to keep you all more updated on the future goings-on with myself and Needlings. And most of all I hope you all are happy and well.


Christopher said...

Congrats on going full time! I love your stuff so much. I have a client on Locke street that might be interested in your product.

You should check them out.

Chris Farias - imaginitarian + partner

kitestring creative marketing + design
t. 905.296.9575 | f. 866.458.8580

Heather Saunders said...

Thank you so much Chris!
A friend was just telling me last night about contacting Citizen Kid, isn't that funny?
I'll check them out for sure. Beautiful job on their website, by the way!

Christopher said...

No problem. I was in there today and I think your stuff would fit in great. Trevor and Rebecca are the owners. Great people.

Thanks so much for the about the site! If you or anyone ever needs any help let me know.

Have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

Very cute set up!!

Dollhead said...

your work is so fabulous!